Knitting: Princess Shawl & Swirl Hat

A knitted Princess Shawl and Swirl Hat for my youngest granddaughter, Hailey, for Christmas.

What do you make a 9 year old for Christmas?  It’s such a tough age.  And given that I had made the Zuzu’s Cowl and Seaforth Beanies for the two older girls (Rebecca and Jordyn), I didn’t want Hailey to feel left out.

I certainly increased my knitting skills and am now a much more confident lace knitter.  Both patterns are very well written – no charts, so that really helped and they both are great beginner projects.

Pinterest and Ravelry are great resources of inspiration as we all know and I found these great patterns.

And here’s my little “princess” Hailey all decked out in her plum colored princess shawl with a silver grey trim.



Additional Information:

You can find the free pattern for the knitted Swirl Hat on Ravelry.

You can find the free pattern for the Princess Shawl on Ravelry.