Nancy SmythAbout Fanciful Things, LLC

Hi, I’m Nancy Smyth and welcome to Fanciful Things, LLC.

I’m a yarn addict and a number cruncher (strange combination, right?)  But that’s how it is – I get the same feeling of joy when working with high quality yarns that I do when a column of numbers are all neatly aligned and add up properly.

For the last 30+ years I’ve been a business owner, bookkeeper and software developer.  I’ve been an avid crocheter since I was about 10 years old when my great-aunt (who was left handed) taught me how to crochet (I’m right handed).  She made the most beautiful crochet afghans and my mom made exquisite crochet doilies.

Over the years  I’ve experimented with other crafts – counted cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel, macrame and sewing)  – but I’ve always come back to the crochet hook.

I love making unique gift items that you can’t find in the big box stores – amigurumi, fantirumi (fantasy amigurumi), shawls, scarves, cowls, baby items, etc.  This is why I’ve named my business Fanciful Things.

A couple of years ago I began to seriously think about retirement and what I would do with myself – creating unique crochet gift items has been a dream.  So, starting a crochet business is my retirement plan!

There is just something totally satisfying about taking a nondescript skein of yarn or ball of cotton and turning it into something absolutely beautiful — that will last a long time.  

Each item that you find for sale in my shop or described on my projects page  is hand-crafted with love, patience, and a good deal of skill – I tend to look for more detailed and unique items rather than the easy and quick projects that seems to be so popular with so many crafters who consider knit and crochet to be just a hobby.

As Fanciful Things grows (and I have more time to devote to this business and website) you’ll find an increasing number of items for sale in my shop, patterns that I’ve designed, and even some bookkeeping tips and webinars designed to help others in the business of fiber arts.




I’m a member of:

American Crochet Association


Craft Industry Alliance


The Yarnpreneur Society