I’ve been bitten by the crochet bug once again and this time it’s quickly becoming an addiction!  I was browsing the net and came across this incredible website – By Hook & By Hand – this lady (Beth) makes the most incredible dolls and she offers her patterns on her site.  I downloaded one of them and decided to try my hand at doll making.

I’ve discovered that crochet patterns are like recipes – I can’t stop myself from tweaking the pattern or recipe.

Here are all my parts and pieces – the doll will be jointed in her head, arms and legs.  You may be wondering why there are two heads, isn’t there an old saying that “Two heads are better than one?”  But seriously, I’m not sure which head I like better; the head on the left is a long, narrow head; while the head on the right is rounder and not quite so tall.  I’ll have to figure out which one I like better once the entire body is assembled.

parts-n-pieces 50

Speaking of assembly, here I’ve just created the arm (elbow joints).

some assembly required 50

Next, I need to attach the arms to the body, so I can start making some clothes for the doll – after all I can’t keep posting pictures of naked dolls!

Nancy Smyth

Hi, I'm Nancy I'm a yarn addict, number cruncher/bookkeeper, and software developer. Strange combination right? I get the same feeling of joy when working with high quality yarns that I do when a column of numbers are all neatly aligned and add up properly.

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