As you may recall, I’ve joined a closed group on Facebook, called Let’s Make it 2015 CAL, the CAL stands for crochet along and basically means that a group of people all get together and work on a project at the same time.  Some CAL’s are geared for more advanced crocheters and involve a variety of stitches and techniques while others simply help you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

This particular group has a new project every month and I’m actually very excited as reintroduces me to the world of crochet as well as helps me to understand the current language of crochet.

Cuddles-Unicorn 2-50February’s project was this lovely Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn, the pattern was designed by ChiWei over at One Dog Woof and the inspiration for the design was based on the It’s So Fluffy unicorn from Despicable Me.  I think she did an excellent job!  If you crochet, you can grab the free pattern from her website.

The Rainbow Cuddles Unicorn was created in a much different manner than the Unicorn that I did for my granddaughter for Christmas and it was interesting to compare the techniques used to create the finished crochet unicorn.  Cuddles required a lot of sewing, which normally wouldn’t bother me – but I was working with a bum thumb.  The other unicorn was joined by crocheting the arms, legs and horn into the body as it was worked.

All in all, I had a lot of fun making Rainbow Cuddles and I especially loved the curlie q’s for his tail!

My version of Cuddles, pictured above, will be available for sale in my shop soon.


Nancy Smyth

Hi, I'm Nancy I'm a yarn addict, number cruncher/bookkeeper, and software developer. Strange combination right? I get the same feeling of joy when working with high quality yarns that I do when a column of numbers are all neatly aligned and add up properly.

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