So I joined a closed group on Facebook, called Let’s Make it 2015 CAL, the CAL stands for crochet along and basically means that a group of people all get together and work on a project at the same time.  Some CAL’s are geared for more advanced crocheters and involve a variety of stitches and techniques while others simply help you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

This particular group has a new project every month and I’m actually very excited.

A New Beginning ScarfIf you are a crocheter and would like to try something new, you can download the pattern from Patricia Stuart’s Raverly page – you will be required to create a login.

My finished scarf from this CAL will be available for sale shortly.

This CAL focused on creating a scarf by first crocheting around an object – like a bracelet; instead of doing the standard straight edged scarf.  Very unique idea and I just loved the outcome!


Nancy Smyth

Hi, I'm Nancy I'm a yarn addict, number cruncher/bookkeeper, and software developer. Strange combination right? I get the same feeling of joy when working with high quality yarns that I do when a column of numbers are all neatly aligned and add up properly.

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