Frizzy is a minirumi or a little Fantirumi (little fantasy amigurumi), designed by Esther Emaar of Crochessie/House of Creations.  Frizzy is Frozzy’s companion.

Frizzy is also designed to be made with 100% Cotton Fingering Weight yarn, a size B (2.25 mm) hook and is crocheted around an empty surprise egg – much like the plastic Easter eggs we can find here in the U.S., only far better quality!

Frizzy colorsFrizzy is made with Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton and a size F (3.75 mm) hook.  These are the colors I chose:

  • Ecru (face)
  • Dove Grey (boots)
  • Forest Green (dress and hat)
  • Green & grey chenille yarn (trim)
  • Silver #10 cotton (wings)

The Hobby Lobby yarn is much bigger and when combined with a larger hook, it meant that my Frozzy  when completed would not fit around the egg as designed.

Body size comparison. Plastic egg vs. fabric egg.
Body size comparison. Plastic egg vs. fabric egg.

It also meant that I had to pretty much reverse engineer and modify Esther’s original pattern for the body in order to make a solid fabric shaped egg.  I really don’t like having to modify Esther’s patterns because she puts so much thought and detail into them.  But when I don’t have the appropriate supplies on hand, there is little else I can do at the moment.

All in all, I was quite pleased with the finished shape of the fabric egg.

My apologies, Esther.


Crocheted wings
Crocheted wings

I decided to crochet my wings using #10 cotton in a lovely shade called Silver and a size 7 steel hook using a free pattern I found on Ravelry for Angel Wings.

The finished size of my wings is 4 1/2″ tall and they really didn’t need any stiffening – I just steam blocked them with my flat iron between a damp towel.  I thought about using some fabric stiffener, but didn’t really feel it was necessary.

You might be able to make these wings for the original sized Frizzy by replacing single crochet for the double in the pattern.


I really love the look of the false eyelashes that Esther uses for all of her dolls, but really don’t think that they would meet the child safety laws here in the States, so I’ve been doing some experimentation with eyelashes, you can read about creating child safe eyelashes here.  This time I didn’t stiffen the eyelash yarn but did do a double-thickness and I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out.

The finished Frizzy is just so adorable – I finished her early Christmas Eve morning!  And Frozzy is VERY happy that she is done.  I really wanted to crochet a Christmas tree to go with Frizzy and Frozzy, but I ran out of time.  Perhaps for next year!

Frizzy, front view
Frizzy, front view

Frizzy, back view
Frizzy, back view

Additonal Information:

Frizzy projectThe pattern for Frizzy is free.  You can find it on Ravelry or download it directly from Esther’s website – House of Creations.  NOTE:  If you visit House of Creations use Google Chrome with the Translator option installed so you can view the site in English.

If you are looking to purchase 100% Cotton Fingering weight yarn, I’ve put together a list of places where it can be purchased here in this blog post.

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